Reasons To Adopt A Hamster

May 10th is a big day for some of our littlest patients: it’s National Hamster Day! Hamsters are often chosen as children’s pets, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re not only super cute, they’re also really fun! In this article from Westside Animal Hospital A Savannah, GA vet lists some reasons to welcome little Hammy into your home.


They’re Quiet


We love our canine companions and our feathered friends, but some of them are, well, a bit loud. Hammie, however, doesn’t make much noise, aside from some cute chirps and squeaks. (He may make noise playing, though, so you may not want to keep him in a child’s bedroom.)

Short Commitment 


When you adopt a pet, you’re promising to provide that animal with great care for the rest of their life. With dogs and cats, that may entail well over a decade of commitment. Hamsters typically only live a few years. 


They’re Photogenic


It may look like Fido and Fluffy have the market cornered as far as being the most photogenic pets. However, some of their smaller buddies are catching up fast. Hammie takes really cute photos!


They Live Alone


While some pocket pets can have roommates, the Syrian hamster, the most popular hamster, doesn’t play well with others. This eliminates the chance of waking up to find that the furballs you thought were same-sex have started a family.


Easy Care 

Hamsters are really easy keepers. They won’t make much of a mess, and, as long as you keep their cages clean, they don’t smell. As far as daily care, it’s pretty minimal: just give Hammy food and fresh water, and remove leftovers and waste. You’ll need to scrub and disinfect the cage regularly, but even that isn’t very time consuming. 



Budget is definitely something to think about when considering adopting an animal. Hammie makes top scores in this category as well. Once you have the little guy’s cage set up, you’ll just need to provide food, bedding, and, when needed, veterinary care. (Chew toys are also a must, but you can make many of them yourself.)


Gentle Pets


Hamsters are usually very gentle. While they can bite, it’s fairly rare. Even if Hammy does lash out, he isn’t big enough to do much damage.


Do you have questions about hamster care? Contact Westside Animal Hospital, your local Savannah, GA veterinarian, today!  

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