Our Careteam

Veterinary Assistant
Cassandra has adored dogs for as long as she can remember. As soon as she started her first animal-care job at a doggy daycare, one thing became quite clear: working in veterinary medicine was the perfect fit!

Cassandra grew up in a military family, and spent a significant portion of her childhood living in Europe and traveling throughout the world. After graduating college here in the U.S., Cassandra decided to continue her work in the animal care industry. She joined the Westside Animal Hospital team in the fall of 2013, where she loves getting to know pets and owners alike. Cassandra’s favorite part of her job is the diversity it affords—no two days are ever quite the same around the clinic!

Outside of work, Cassandra enjoys spending time with family, working on craft projects, and reading good books. She and her family share their lives with a cranky senior cat, a vocal half-Siamese, an adorably fluffy tuxedo cat, and a 90-pound dog.
Veterinary Assistant
Rachel grew up in Savannah and the tri-county area, and was always the one bringing home stray animals and begging to keep them. She’s known ever since she was a little girl that she wanted to one day work hands-on with pets! Rachel gets to live her dream every day as one of Westside Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Assistants.

Rachel’s journey in animal care began when she started shadowing a local veterinarian. When that individual opened her own veterinary clinic, Rachel was invited to join as a member of the staff—she hasn’t looked back since! She was happy to become a member of the Westside Animal Hospital team in November of 2016, and continues to help pets and their loving owners as a Veterinary Assistant.

Rachel has a special passion for dentistry work, and never tires of seeing a patient’s mouth go from grimy to sparkling clean. She’s also fond of radiology and the way it gives her an insider’s view into the health of a pet, and she also likes parasitology and the great benefits that parasite control can offer.

When she isn’t helping pets feel better here at the hospital, Rachel can be found spending quality time with friends and family and doting on her own dog, a loving Jack Russell/Beagle mix named Darla.
Veterinary Assistant, Kennel Technician
Natalie has adored the earth’s creatures ever since she was a little girl. She was even interested in becoming a shark biologist! When she started volunteering with companion animals after high school, she fell in love with the world of veterinary care—for Natalie, it was the only choice that made sense. She’s proud to help pets and their owners as a Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Technician here at Westside Animal Hospital.

Natalie moved to Georgia a number of years ago with her family, and she’s lived here ever since. After high school, she started volunteering here at Westside Animal Hospital to gain experience in the field. When she learned about a position opening up, she knew it was the perfect opportunity! Natalie joined the team officially a short time later, and the rest is history.

Outside of the office, Natalie is still passionate about sea life and loves to go scuba diving or free diving whenever she gets the chance. Her favorite thing to do is go free diving with her favorite animal: sharks! At home, Natalie has one pet: a loveable and goofy Black Labrador, Smokey.
Donna joined the veterinary profession for two simple reasons: she’s always loved animals, and she has a knack for providing excellent customer service. That’s why she’s the perfect fit for Westside Animal Hospital’s front-desk team!

Donna is a Savannah native. She earned a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership—working full-time during her studies—and used to work at Virginia College. When the time came to look for another opportunity, she came across an opening here at Westside Animal Hospital. Donna joined the clinic family in June of 2019 and couldn’t be happier with her choice.

Here at the clinic, Donna enjoys the camaraderie and family-like bond she has with her coworkers. No shift is ever boring! She also loves to interact one-on-one with pet owners and meet their adorable companions.